Greatest Hits

Our greatest hits so far:

7 Responses to “Greatest Hits”

  1. Thanks for putting this together! I’ve heard most of the episodes from around 120 to now, so looking forward to picking up a few more gems from some of the older ones.

  2. As a new listener I have been going back and listening to random episodes. I have also caught the last 20 or so, but you need to trim this list and make a “Greatest-Greatest Hits” list.

    • Rob says:

      Good point; the list had grown a bit long. I just cut 20 or so episodes from the list and will try to keep it around this length as we move forward.

  3. Eric says:

    Hi guys! I just discovered you a couple of months ago and have been cherry picking episodes that look interesting. Thanks for this list. I have a question, on my mobile podcast app (PocketCasts on Android, it’s a popular app), I only see episodes listed back to 175. Is there a reason they only go back that far? I know with some other podcasts they have many more episodes and they still all show up… Thanks for the great work, I am really enjoying the podcast.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi guys, great podcast, thanks a lot for sharing so many insights! One suggestion: Your feed doesn’t go back all episodes (just about 100 or so, as stated in the FAQ). Right now, only two of the “Greatest Hits” are still in the feed. Would it maybe be helpful for people if you included the episodes listed above, so people who discover this podcast now (like me) can listen to them more easily?

  5. Loving the podcast. I was enjoying working through the Greatest Hits but had the same issues as above—the main podcast feed as is required in most such feeds only has about 100-120 recent episodes, and there wasn’t a separate feed for these Greatest Hits.

    So I made one!

    This feed points straight back to the original media files from the original feed, so sends traffic right back where it would have been anyway, but provides an easy way to work your way through these episodes. As per my email to you Rob and Mike, this was done as a fan and I trust has your blessing… 🙂

    • Ashley says:

      I’m new to this podcast. I like the idea of a list of “Greatest Hits” as an introduction. Thanks for making it easy for me to get them into Overcast, Duncan.