Episode 406 | Should Bootstrappers Raise Money?

Show Notes

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike answer the question of should bootstrappers raise money? The guys distinguish the difference between venture capital and angel investing and how raising an angel round may be a good fit for some types of entrepreneurs.

Items mentioned in this episode:

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2 Responses to “Episode 406 | Should Bootstrappers Raise Money?”

  1. So glad you jumped in Mike and said something about Rob hitting $21k MRR saying that it wasn’t a fair comparison.

    I’m still trying to hit $21k MRR after 4 years, but I don’t think I’m failing at what I’m doing.

    Maybe an episode on what you think is growth people should be aiming for.

    Good episode.

    A follow up question to Mike would be, why have (or have not) you fundstrapped Blue Tick?

  2. I write a lot about bootstrapping vs. venture capital (or angels). There are definitely a bunch of issues to consider, both early on and later. I hope you’ll consider the following posts helpful and not spammy.


    https://fourcolorsofmoney.com/bootstrap-funding-pivot-playbook/ – when you start bootstrapping but consider funding later. I mention Revenue Financing, which is a non-dilutive option particularly available for SaaS companies.

    What I call here “revenue sharing loans” lists 6 companies that target SaaS in particular (no affiliate links).