Episode 446 | How to Build More Successful Integrations

Episode 446 | How to Build More Successful Integrations

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In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike talk about how to build more successful integrations. They discuss how to approach the different areas of risk including work estimates, API integration, co-marketing opportunities and more.

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One Response to “Episode 446 | How to Build More Successful Integrations”

  1. John says:

    Long time listener and community member (you may or may not know me). Sorry to be anonymous but I shamefully admit that I will not be able to say what I am gonna say below in person so typing it out to get it out of my chest.

    I will be frank and say that ever since Rob sold Drip, seems like the banter between the both of you on the podcast is a lil more.. less relatable. You both still have interesting conversations but I think from a “startups for the rest of us” perspective, it feels like the both are you are on 2 completely different planes.. mike seems to be struggling still on his 2nd endeavour and Rob having “made it” so does not really have anything meaningful conversations with mike about what Mike’s doing with BlueTick and only mostly talks about his TinySeed fund and/or his past experiences.

    Here is one example – In one of the prior episode where you both talk about how you both get things done + manage time.. it couldn’t be clearer that the Rob & Mike are on completely different rungs on the ladder (one being really high up and the other being really low)! Rob was reminiscing more about the days at HitTail & Drip where he was spending all his time working on it to get it to profitability where else Mike seems to be taking it “easy” and not pushing as hard as he can to market BlueTick (he talks about always finding time to do D&D, only works full time on it on certain days, etc). And does rob say anything about it? Nope. I bet pre-Drip rob will have a bunch of things to say about BlueTick or at least advise Mike to push on marketing/product market fit rather than spend time refactoring authentication functions, adding functionality, etc. These days, conversation either leads back to rob’s incubator or Mike MicroConf stuff with neither overlapping topics.

    Another example – I am currently following to the Art of Product podcast by Derrick + Ben and listening to them feels like listening to the both of you when you both first started. They are filled with genuine enthusiasm on what each other is working on, what strategies have they tried, the real talk raw conversations about trying to get product market fit and the unspoken goal to reach a point where they get a sustainable income from their products. Even though Derrick recently walked away from the SaaS product he was working on, you could hear Ben in prior episodes talking through the issue with Derrick and giving him genuine feedback which makes interesting conversations/feedback. My guess is that it is probably because the both of them are not too far off each other on “the ladder” so can have relatable conversations.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents and comes from a good place as a fan of this podcast since episode 1. I do apologise if it comes across as being critical but I just wanted to voice my opinions sincerely. I may not represent the majority! đŸ™‚