Episode 418 | Creators Versus Fans

Show Notes

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob and Mike talk about creators versus fans. They discuss some cautionary tales of building products on someone else’s platform and the potential risks.

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One Response to “Episode 418 | Creators Versus Fans”

  1. Rob & Mike,
    long time listener, bought the flash drive with your first shows and even have your book! this episode really hit home, i’m 60 yrs old, building my first e-commerce site and i do not plan on keeping it forever, i hope to be acquired within the year. your discussion including Twitter was enlightening but i feel I’m safe as the api just takes the public info from twitter, what you can see the you look at someone’s online account and brings it in. So, tweetperks, “tweet, shop, save” i am monitizing tweets and assigning them as “tweetbucks” for adding discounts to items for sale. I’ve been told by VC folks to “not let this go, keep at it…” and folks at twitter are supportive and asking if i need help…as of today it is being ported back to my server by my developer and hopefully will be live in a week or so. Your podcast is what i listen to when working out in the garage and keeps me motivated, i get nuggets of info from every show. i think the next show #419 will be important as well as i expect vc’s be calling real soon…(my developer has friends in other countries and wants me to do well…) i have rambled on way to much, keep it going, i hope to meet you both someday soon. best, Tom “scruffy dog” Cusack