Q: Who transcribes your podcast?
A: We’ve used a number of different services over the years. Over time, it seems like the quality of all of these companies drops over time. Our current firm is Transcribe Team.

Q: Are you open to using someone else? ie: Like me?
A: Not at this time. It’s not worth our time or resources to pursue another solution for something that will only be marginally more cost effective.

Q: The RSS feed on your podcast is broken. It only shows the last 100 episodes or so.
A: Actually, it’s working as intended. We use Feedburner for syndicating and managing the feed and they only support up to 10k in the data feed. If we go over that limit, then Feedburner stops working and our podcasts won’t be served up through iTunes and various other services. We’ve found that we can get away with 100 episodes, but not much more than that. If you want to listen to older episodes, you can go to the Archives and you’ll have to download them individually.

Q: Can we advertise on your podcast and/or website?
A: No, we’re not looking for or interested in advertisers at this time.

Q: Where do I find your podcast in iTunes?
A: You can either search for “startups”, or use this handy-dandy shortcut.